Profile of the Company

Who we are?
  • Czech engineering company specialized on pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and pharmaceutical substances
  • More then 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnological and chemical industry
  • 50 employees
  • Strong focus on GMP principles in all our projects
  • We apply ISPE guidance for our work methods

Our history
  • We established in 1994 and have our roots in pharmaceutical company.
  • During this time, we developed professional performance system of engineering works for demanding pharmaceutical, biotechnological and API-producers industry clients.
  • We have dozens of happy and satisfied customers across Central and Eastern Europe.
  • We have developed flexible and integrated work management to encourage strong collaboration of our specialists with client.

Our philosophy
  • All our performed activities are conducted according to European regulations with respect to particular regulation of individual countries.
  • We apply FDA, WHO and PIC regulations when necessary.
  • Our basic principles of engineering works rely on ISPE Guides while we fully respect solutions suggested by the Guides.

What we do
Our major activities are custom-made supplies of new facilities covered from initial analysis, feasibility studies to start-up of new facility and GMP personnel training. We also assist with funding of new facility development by bank loan or other suitable financial service. 

Our main activities
  • Pharmacy
    • Sterile preparations
      • Parenteral
      • Liquids
      • Oitments and creams
    • Non-sterile preparations
      • Solid dosage forms
      • Oitments and creams
      • Suppositories
      • Liquids
      • Others
    • Chemical Production
      • Sterile BPC and API
      • Non/sterile BPC and API
    • Biotechnology production
    • Laboratories
      • Analytical
      • Microbiological
      • Control (QC)
    • Medical devices
    • Food supplements